“Fiesta del orujo en Potes”-The Feast of Marc in Potes

Marc is the alcoholic beverage from the grape skin .


The Feast of Marc is the second weekend of November in Potes, at the foot of the Picos de Europa. It has recently been declared of Regional Tourist Interest.fiesta orujo potes2

In addition , visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite local cuisine : baked lebaniego, borono with apple,  Picon cheese ( with Origin Denomination) …




This festival began in 1991.Consists in tasting marc produced in this region, accompanied by traditional music and traditional markets.

Lebaniego marc production dates back to the harvest vineyards in monasteries in the Dark Ages .
Each year awards one or more characters as “Orujero Mayor ” , in charge of reading the proclamation and actively participate in the festival with lectures and especially with the lighting of the stills .The ” Golden Alquitara ” also gives the brand has produced best marc year.

fiesta orujo potes1

For more information you can link with this web :Fiesta del Orujo


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